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Weekly Summer Maintenance
• Weekly litter and garbage pick-up on the property
• Cutting and Trimming of all common lawn areas during the growth period
• Lawn Clippings will be Mulched, Vacuumed or Removed off-site to ensure a clean appearance
• Common Garden Beds will be edged cultivated and de-weeded on a weekly/biweekly basis
• Shrubs and hedges will be trimmed/ pruned as needed (approx 3 times a season )
• All debris caused by work completed will be removed off-site
Landscape Enhancements Services
  • Irrigation – Expert installation and maintenance of sprinklers, irrigation systems, lights, and more.
  • Soil Applications– Installation of premium triple mix to all designated garden beds.
  • Mulch Applications– Installation of mulch with the color of clients choosing to all designated garden beds.
  • Flower, Shrub and Tree planting– Enhance the look of your property with flowers, trees, or shrubs of clients choosing.
  • Tree Removal–  Removal of unwanted trees from the property
  • Interlock Installation– Installation of interlocking stones to enhance the look of the property.
  • Re-sanding interlock– Installation of polymeric sand to existing interlock
  • Sodding – Expert sod replacement and enhancement
  • Power Washing  Power wash any hard surfaces to remove dirt and grime build up
  • Aggregates – Installation of an aggregate of clients choosing to improve the look of the property
  • Asphalt and pothole Repairs– Repair old asphalt and or potholes on the property.
Winter Maintenance Services
Snow Plowing –  Clear all designated road ways, parking lots and walkways
Salting – Ensure all hard surfaces are free and clear of ice and snow by applying rock salt or a sand/ salt mix
Hand shoveling – Ensure all walkways, patios, steps and other pedestrian areas are clear of snow
Snow Removal – Upon Request, remove snow piles to a designated area off-site
Snow Relocation – Upon Request, move snow piles to another location on site
24 hour dispatch – using computerized radar to track incoming winter weather
Nightly property checks – Provide nightly property checks to ensure a safe property at all times
Site Logs– Provide site logs so you are aware when we are on the property
Salt boxes rentals and sales – Supply salt boxes, and ensure they are filled with ice melter or rock salt.  
Additional Services

Spring Clean up

  • Edging, turning of soil, and cultivation of soil in all garden beds and tree rings
  • Removal of winter kill and de-thatching and raking of lawn areas
  • Removal of leaves and debris left from the winter.

Fall Clean up

  • Visits to the property to blow and remove leaves from all areas
  • Common garden beds will be edged cultivated and de-weeded
  • All debris caused by work completed will be removed off-site

Lawn Maintenance and Lawn Repair

  • Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • Weed Control
  • Overseeding
  • Sodding
  • Irrigation